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Everything you need to know about the new KoreaTown Village in Las Vegas

While Las Vegas might lack a designated ‘Koreatown’ like Los Angeles, the city indeed holds scattered treasures of Korean culture. Imagine eating amazing KBBQ, followed by some soju, and capping off the night at a lively karaoke bar – all conveniently located in one place. Welcome to the upcoming KoreaTown Village, where your desires for a vibrant Koreatown experience will come to life in Las Vegas!

KoreaTown Village, the latest venture on Spring Mountain, promises to hold all your beloved Koreatown experiences. Spearheaded by the reputable Sapporo Group Management (SGM) – the driving force behind popular Las Vegas spots like Sapporo Revolving Sushi, Master Kim’s Korean BBQ, and Ichi Ramen House – this new project will bring multiple beloved brands under one roof.

Master Kim’s Korean BBQ is said to take up 4,000 square feet, and Industry 13 Karaoke and Bar has a spacious 5,000 square feet; they recently opened in August 2023. And there’s more – the plaza will also host the first ever Korean bank in Las Vegas, called Open Bank; adding to the variety of what a KoreaTown Village will be like. 

Going back to the early days of this project, Freddy Hwang, the CEO of SGM, had a unique vision for the plaza. At first, he pictured a one-stop hub featuring all of SGM’s diverse brands. However, when Open Bank, a prominent California-based bank well-known in the Korean-American community, approached him, a wave of pride and joy washed over him at the prospect of having a Korean-rooted bank as part of SGM’s project. This inspired a swift shift in their vision, transforming the multi-brand plan into a meticulously organized Korean-American forward destination. 

The location at 5599 Spring Mountain Rd. spans out 13,000 square feet, but SGM sees it as just the beginning. In our conversation, Mr. Hwang unveiled SGM’s dream of crafting a vast mall filled with an assortment of Korean discoveries. KoreaTown Village project is an ideal launchpad for the company’s ambitious future ventures. As KoreaTown Village takes shape on Spring Mountain, it promises a tighter-knit Korean-American community for Las Vegas locals to embrace. 

SGM sees their projects and ventures as more than just businesses; it’s a culmination of the company’s hard work – the thoughtfully curated modern designs, the meticulously selected brands – all embodying their vigilant dream of bringing Korean food and culture for everyone to enjoy.

The eagerly anticipated Master Kim’s Korean BBQ 3 is expected to open in early 2024, renowned for its premium all-you-can-eat (AYCE) Korean BBQ featuring high-quality Certified Angus Beef. Across all Master Kim’s locations, you’ll find consistent excellence, not only in their main offerings but also their side dishes, cold noodles and even desserts! SGM proudly boasts their commitment to freshness and quality by centralizing daily preparation at their headquarters’ commercial kitchen, allowing hands-on executives to ensure that every location delivers an impeccable dining experience. If you can’t wait for this location to open, make sure you check out their other locations.

Industry 13 Karaoke & Bar is SGM’s luxury entertainment venture. Step into a welcoming lobby featuring a lounge and a well-stocked bar, setting the stage for an enjoyable time. Inside, you’ll find multiple private karaoke rooms perfect for any event or celebration. Take pleasure in the delectable food and craft cocktail selections as you unleash your inner K-pop idol. Industry 13 Karaoke & Bar is now open, inviting you to bask in the fun! 




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