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Where Do Celebrities Hang Out In Koreatown?

Want to hang out at the same places as your favorite idols?

Koreatown businesses are hot spots in LA as restrictions are being lifted and travelling is opening back up. Although celebrities haven’t been seen out and about as much in the past couple of years, when they do go out in Los Angeles you can be sure that one of their stops will be Koreatown. It’s become a hub for celebrities (even K-pop idols coming from Seoul!) thanks to the wide variety of world-famous restaurants and nightlife. Here’s a list of some of the most notable spots in Koreatown that have hosted celebrities in recent years.


© Dicon_korea

BTS on Vermont

While in LA, BTS was seen making a pitstop in Koreatown for food! Topping the charts in the US, BTS has been quite busy with American promotions, even travelling to LA a few times in the past couple of years. In 2020, a since-deleted photo from @olympicburger1988 on Instagram showed the members visiting the center on Vermont Ave that is home to restaurants such as Olympic Burger, Mandarin Garden, Hodori, and Nakwon.
© BuzzFeedVideo

NCT 127 at Quarters Korean BBQ

If you follow BuzzFeedVideo’s K-pop content on YouTube, you already know that NCT 127 has dined at Quarters Korean BBQ in Chapman Plaza! While there, they taught Richard Reid all about Korean BBQ, Korean beef tartare (yukhoe), and all the side dishes (banchan). Aside from Quarters, NCT has also been seen filming for Buzzfeed at Bumsan Organic Milk Bar on Western Ave, attracting a line of NCTzens down the street.
© bumsanorganicmilkbar

SM Artists at Bumsan Organic Milk Bar

NCT 127 aren’t the only ones to visit Bumsan Organic Milk Bar. Several SM artists have been spotted at the ice cream bar, including Girls Generation and Red Velvet! As the shop is famously owned by Girls Generation Sunny’s sister, it’s always heartwarming to see all the SM and other K-pop artists making the time to come visit. If you drive down Western Ave, you’ll spot Bumsan by its iconic millennial pink wall that all of its customers take chic IG photos in front of.
© priyankachopra

Priyanka Chopra and Awkwafina

In 2020, Priyanka Chopra Jonas hung out with Awkwafina in an effort to learn “Just one thing” from each of the women she admires in her YouTube video “If I Could Tell You Just One Thing.” While they talked, Awkwafina of course took Priyanka to Koreatown to Oakobing to have Binsu (Korean shaved ice), and then challenged her to try Karaoke at Shrine Karaoke. Check out Chopra’s YouTube channel to see how it went!


Gwangyang BBQ and Park’s BBQ

Other Koreatown restaurants host so many celebrities, they’ve dedicated whole walls to pictures of celebs dining at their restaurant. Gwangyang BBQ on Wilshire Blvd and Park’s BBQ on S Vermont Ave have both started impressive walls of fame, displaying pictures and autographs of celebrities including 2NE1, Ryu Hyun Jin, Lee Byung Hun and more! Visit either of these restaurants to take a look at their walls and see just how popular these restaurants are, (or get lucky and end up visiting on the same day as one of these stars)!

These aren’t the only celebrity sightings in Koreatown and they certainly won’t be the last. Feel free to write in and let us know if you spot anybody famous hanging out at any of Koreatown’s gems!




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