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Top 10 K-pop Artists You Need to Listen to This Summer 2021

Summer is already upon us, and that means it’s time to step up your playlist game!

Summer is the time to wake up with those light uplifting tracks, enjoy the good weather with sunny anthems, and wind down with smooth tunes that make you want to stargaze… Music is the best companion to manifest the perfect summer memories. But in case you don’t know where to look to find all the right songs, we’ve got you covered. (And don’t worry—there’s a little something in there for everyone, promise!)

These are in no particular order:

Number 10: JEON SOYEON

JEON SOYEON released her solo EP Windy, with a defiant, ultimate girl crush title track: “BEAM BEAM.” The EP features five songs to complete all your summer moods, including “Is this bad b****** number? (feat. Bibi & LEE YOUNG JI)” to listen to when you’re feeling absolutely savage.
© GirlsGeneration

Number 9: TAEYEON

TAEYEON blessed us with a single that lifts us into the clouds, bringing us into a carefree, never-ending weekend. “Weekend” is just the sort of dreamy song to inspire your free mornings or motivate you to make it through to Friday. (Fans are also speculating a Girls’ Generation comeback this summer, thanks to the opening of an official Girls’ Generation TikTok account and supposed hints on the members’ social media accounts.)

© follow_2PM

Number 8: 2PM

Yes, you heard me right. Your favorites came back, and they came back strong! The title track “Make It” is a cool and smooth song about being drawn to someone at first glance, and the explosive music video has already surpassed 24M views. Their comeback album has 10 tracks, so you’re sure to find a song for each of your playlists.

Number 7: DPR LIVE

DPR LIVE came out with his pre-release single “Yellow Cab” and it’s just as artsy, catchy, and authentic as you’d expect. The music video is enticingly full of metaphors as it tells a vibrant story of DPR LIVE’s life ever since meeting “Candy.” But no spoilers here. Go watch it now while you wait for the release of his EP, IITE COOL, on July 23rd KST.
© loonatheworld

Number 6: LOONA

The 12 girls of LOONA are bringing us a new party anthem with their title track “PTT (Paint The Town)” off of their latest EP, [&]. With 32 million views and counting on the music video after only a week, each of LOONA’s title tracks is gaining more popularity than the last. But it’s no surprise, as all 7 songs on their EP show off their polished musicality.
© Stray_Kids

Number 5: STRAY KIDS

Stray Kids just landed themselves their first Billboard #1 with their latest single, “Mixtape : OH.” A light and refreshing twist to their hard-hitting concepts we’ve gotten used to recently, this song is about feeling like you turn into a baby whenever you’re around your crush. This is the third single in their mixtape series, and they’re reportedly making another comeback this summer.
© pledis_17


SEVENTEEN’s 8th EP Your Choice has fresh, head-in-the-clouds pop sounds and calming wind down songs, but the title track is what will give you purpose! “Ready to Love” is a dreamy song about waiting to hear an answer after confessing your love, and it comes along with a stylish music video full of imagery.
© NCTsmtown_DREAM

Number 3: NCT DREAM

After topping charts with Hot Sauce – The 1st Album, NCT DREAM came back and did it again with Hello Future – The 1st Album Repackage. The 70’s inspired title track features an upbeat, inspiring song about coming together and looking forward. Put this song on your morning playlist and you’ll start your day singing, “Hello Future”!

Number 2: TWICE

TWICE’s 10th EP Taste of Love was definitely made for us to keep on repeat this summer. From twilight party songs to funky pop perfect for road tripping, this album truly has no skips. Their title, “Alcohol Free,” is a light and fun song about the feeling of drunkenness you get whenever you’re hanging out around the person you like. As the first song on the EP, it pulls you in to the shimmering tracks that follow.
© BTS_twt

And finally, of course,

Number 1: BTS

While their most recent release “Butter” is still topping the Billboard charts, (6 weeks at #1 and counting!) BTS is already out with their next English language release: “Permission to Dance.” In the music video the members are encouraging everyone to dance without holding back in a western desert concept. Fans are talking about how moving the music video is, tweeting: #BTSBackAndButterThanEver. Along with “Butter,” “Permission to Dance” is almost certain to be the hottest song of the summer. Check out Butter / Permission to Dance EP wherever you stream music.




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