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Meet Lee-Anne Jae Aranda: Content Creator and Blogger

Hello, readers! You can call me Lee-Anne or LJae (short for Lee-Anne Jae thanks to my Filipino roots, hence the long name).

I am a first-generation recent graduate of Chapman University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies, and with my background in content creation, I have been fortunate enough to be able to hone in on my passion for writing. I chose this area of study because of how broad it is and my desire to not be confined to one niche, and in some ways, I feel like the community of Koreatown and Korean pop culture are the same. Koreatown attracts natives and visitors alike with its people, food, and unique culture. As a daughter born of Filipinx parents, a LA County native, and a big foodie, I find myself in Koreatown often immersing myself in all it has to offer, while also trying to be more in touch with my Asian-American identity. Whether you know me personally or not, I am your go-to person on where you should grab dinner or a quick dessert in Los Angeles and its surrounding areas.

My familiarity with Koreatown stems from my love and food and community. While I write this, I still feel bloated from the Korean BBQ I had last night at Hae Jang Chon inside Serrano Marketplace. I think about the long wait and how people are probably coming from every point of LA, and maybe even farther. I think about the next table down, taking shots of soju. Maybe they’re catching up after months of not seeing each other, or maybe they all just met. That is what I love about Koreatown and other cities/communities alike. It’s the stories they tell.

My familiarity with Korean pop culture stems from my algorithms on social media, as well as my Korean best friends who know the ins and outs of all of it. I can refer to the time my friend convinced me the day of to go to a BTS concert, or even the Stray Kids one I also accompanied her to. I can also think of our group chat, where the 2 of them are always sharing the latest news on their favorite KPOP artists and so forth. I am always surrounded by Korean pop culture’s impact, and am learning something new about it all the time.

Feel free to connect with me! I’d love to know about your own experiences, as well as your favorite spots and things to do in Koreatown and beyond.




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