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Tiger Sugar Opens in Koreatown / Chapman Plaza Bustling with Business

What is black sugar boba tea and why is it all over your Instagram feed?

After making its West Coast debut in Rowland Heights (San Gabriel Valley), you can now find this syrup-streaked milk tea at Tiger Sugar, now open inside Chapman Plaza on the corner of 6th Street and Alexandria Avenue. The first Tiger Sugar store opened in 2017 in Taichung, Taiwan, and the chain now has 40 locations, and counting, worldwide in Asia, Canada, and the U.S.

© Lee-Anne Jae Aranda

Tiger Sugar prides themselves on being the birthplace of the original brown sugar bubble tea with fresh cream and unique tiger stripe design. This Instagram-worthy milk tea consists of brown sugar syrup with slow-cooked tapioca pearls, or boba, and organic fresh milk. While other boba shops have tried to replicate the drink, Tiger Sugar’s 8-hour method for cooking their syrups and tapioca pearls remain prominent not only in this area, but also around the globe.
Stemming from Taiwan, Tiger Sugar has attracted boba lovers and newcomers alike with its variety of drinks on its menu. While this international boba shop is known for their original Black Sugar Boba Milk Tea with fresh cream mousse, you can also opt for their Milo Black Sugar Boba or even a Black Sugar Ice Cream Bar. Do not hesitate to ask the staff any questions regarding the drink and how to order, as they are very friendly and helpful.

© Lee-Anne Jae Aranda
With such an array of dining options at Chapman Plaza, your visit doesn’t have to be a one-stop shop. Have something to eat before or after at Toebang Cafe, Kang-Ho Baekjong, Quarters Korean BBQ, and more. Come see why this plaza tucked in the heart of Koreatown is always packed with locals and outside visitors alike.
© Chapman Market
Toebang Cafe is a late-night spot known for its Korean pub food and drinks. Enjoy favorites such as Korean BBQ, cheese corn, and tteokbokki with noodles and gooey mozzarella cheese on top. Pair your dish with soju or their beer on tap.
© Lee-Anne Jae Aranda

You have probably heard of Kang-Ho Baekjong, and its popularity is well-earned. Named “World’s Favorite Korean Barbecue” on Eater in 2017, expect a one-of-a-kind Korean cultural dining experience when you’re here. Come to see what all the rave is about, but stay for the quality meats and banchan.

Another full-service Korean bbq restaurant inside Chapman Plaza is Quarters Korean BBQ, a trendy spot for good food and good times. They even have workers cooking the meat for you, so your experience is stress-free. Whether it’s classic Galbi Beef or the Spicy Back Rib Fondue, Quarters has something you will want to keep coming back for.

© Quarters KBBQ
With all of these great options you have right inside Chapman Plaza, it is definitely worth visiting. Whether you need a place to meet up with a friend last minute, or just want to make a boba run, you will be covered. Come support businesses that have managed to stay open in the past year. Visit for more information.




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