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Where To Buy K-pop Albums In Koreatown

K-pop albums are a fan’s ticket to everything: increasing your chance of getting into a fan meeting, owning a physical copy of the music that you cherish, helping your bias rise on the charts, trading photo cards with other fans, (and sometimes the albums are the literal ticket to an event)! K-pop albums are not just albums anymore, they’re basically K-pop collectible experiences that come with photo books, photo cards, posters, stickers and anything else the groups can come up with. Every new album comes with something new and exciting! But it can be hard to figure out where to buy your albums to get the most out of these benefits, so we’ve done the research for you!

These are the top places to buy K-pop albums locally In Koreatown along with a list of reasons why.

© Alisa B.

1. Music Plaza

926 S Western Ave, Ste. 107 (Koreatown Plaza)
    • They sell CDs, posters, magazines, light sticks, DVDs, and tons of other K-pop merchandise.
    • They have an “M Point Reward Membership Program,” so you can get free stuff!
    • Their store is certified by HANTEO, so your purchase matters on the charts.
    • Music Plaza has been around for 28 years! You can definitely trust that they’ve perfected the process, and they know exactly what fans are looking for. To support this,  you can find thousands of 5-star ratings on their website about the store’s efficient shipping, careful packaging, and added freebies!

Check out their website to see their huge variety of products.

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2. Choice Music LA

3250 W Olympic Blvd Ste. 323 (Koreatown Galleria)
    • They sell CDs, posters, magazines, light sticks, and official K-pop merch as well as their own Choice Music merch!
    • Their store is certified by HANTEO, so your purchase matters on the charts.
    • They sometimes give out freebies with your order.
    • They often host giveaways on their Instagram.

Stay up to date with their website to see what sales are going on.

© Alisa B.

3. K-pop Music Town LA

621 S. Western Ave. Ste. 213 (Madang Mall)
    • They sell albums, merch, light sticks, masks, posters, and more.
    • They have BT21 merch in stock!
    • They have a rewards program: K Points
    • They offer in-store pickup.

Visit their website to see everything available for pre-order.

These stores also usually offer pre-order periods for most of their albums, so you can get your hands on your new favorite album before they sell out. You can also follow these stores’ social media accounts, website updates, and newsletters to find out when they have special sales events going on. Although, there’s nothing quite like shopping for K-pop albums in person where you can really feel just how much music is around you. Walk into those stores to pick up and look at all your favorite albums while K-pop music videos are playing in the background. Plus, all three of these music stores are located in malls full of Korean restaurants and Instagram-able dessert places to hit up afterwards!




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