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Run This Town – Inside Koreatown’s Run Club

Nothing says community more than a community running club.

Nothing says community more than a community running club. While running isn’t the easiest way to stay active, with a little discipline and getting into a routine, it can become enjoyable even for those who thought they would always hate it. Some of us may have yet to get to that point, but it’s the thought that counts, right? Let the fact that you won’t be doing it alone be a motivating factor for you.

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For five years now, Koreatown Run Club has brought together old and new runners alike, currently attracting up to 70 or more runners to its four weekly runs. What started out as running with a couple of friends for K/RC founders Duy Nguyen and Mike Pak, originally from Virgina, eventually turned into the diverse community it is today. With 20,500 followers on Instagram and counting, they’ve definitely made themselves known not only in Koreatown, but in surrounding Los Angeles areas as well.


Fun fact: Mike runs the account, so he’s basically the unofficial mayor of Koreatown, but ironically, he hates running according to past interviews.

Fun fact #2 because we can keep going on about these two: Mike and Duy also co-founded Love Hour, which arguably serves one of the best smash burgers in Los Angeles.

One of the great things about K/RC is how casual it is. They post their weekly schedules on their Instagram account and, so just about anyone can show up. Runners meet every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, so it doesn’t matter what you do for a living or what kind of day you have, you are welcome to join at any time and meet like-minded individuals.

Not a runner? Don’t worry because odds are, you won’t be alone. You just need to get through the first step, which is getting outside! What makes K/RC so special is that it attracts all levels of runners, from beginners to elite amateurs. Running routes can vary, but expect post-run food and drinks often.

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In addition to building a community that serves as a safe space for people of all backgrounds, K/RC has also gained traction with brand collaborations, pop-ups, and sportswear partnerships. Not only has Nike created a KRC-inspired Epic React shoe, but Mike and Duy have also guided and encouraged runners on the Nike Running app. Not bad for a running club that started out with little to no one and only five years out. You can find their merch at




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