Lee’s Korean BBQ (Woonamjung)

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Check out Lee’s Korean BBQ at your next stop in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Lee’s Korean BBQ, also known as Woonamjung, was previously owned by the infamous Mr. Lee from Lee’s Discount Liquor Store. Lee’s Korean BBQ has been sold right before the pandemic hit in America, and is now under new management and owners. The new owners of Lee’s KBBQ are Yoojin and M.K.

Yoojin and M.K. come from Gangnam province in Seoul, South Korea. They were the owners of a very popular octopus (jjukkummi) barbecue restaurant in Nonhyundong. With the hands of new ownership, Lee’s Korean BBQ now showcases wide variety of delicious Korean traditional food, along with high quality All-You-Can-Eat KBBQ. 


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Lee's KBBQ

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