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Korean-English Language Exchange Group in Koreatown LA

Currently there are 430 members. The meet is hosted twice a week in Koreatown, Los Angeles.


About The Exchange Group:

Hello! 안녕하세요! This is a group for all those interested in exchanging English and Korean. All levels are welcome (but you will definitely get more out of these meetings if you can at least read and write in both Korean and English). We meet in Koreatown every Saturday from 2pm to 5pm, and every Wednesday from 7pm to 9pm. We also hold other events (like dinners, barbeques, beach days, hiking, 노래방), which have less emphasis on studying and more emphasis on socializing.

We are serious about language exchange. You can expect to practice speaking (and listening) on a variety of topics. Feel free to bring a notebook and study materials. Practicing with native speakers is a great way to improve your fluency in any language.

Making friends through this meetup is encouraged, but our primary goal is to practice languages. This group is not for finding a boyfriend or girlfriend. Please do not join if that is your intention.

We are trying to create a community that is helpful and welcoming. As such, harassment of any type is unacceptable and is grounds for immediate dismissal from the group. If you experience any type of harassment at one of our events, please come talk to the organizers immediately




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