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5 Ice Cream Spots to Try in Koreatown LA

Looking to satisfy your sweet tooth after some KBBQ or just need a late-night pick-me-up? Don’t settle for the store-bought ice cream that’s been sitting in your freezer for who knows how long, and make a visit to one of these spots. From soft serve, to rolled ice scream and all the toppings your heart desires, it’s what you deserve.

© Bumsan Organic Milk Bar

Bumsan Organic Milk Bar

534 S Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90020
(213) 908-5192

Named one of Los Angeles’ “Best Soft Serve for a Scorching Summer Day” by EaterLA in 2017, this little pink store on Western has brought visitors to Koreatown from all around. Bumsan Organic Milk Bar serves premium 100% organic soft-serve ice cream, and with their selection of ice cream flavors such as True Milk, Taro Milk Tea, and Pink Guava, plus cone pairings, you’re in for a unique treat. 

Open Sunday-Thursday from 12pm-10pm, and Friday-Saturday from 12pm-11pm
© @adventureswithtree


621 S Western Ave #208-A, Los Angeles, CA 90005
(213) 568-3284

You may already be familiar with this goldfish-shaped waffle cone stuffed with filling and soft-serve ice cream with its number of locations in Southern California, but if not, it’s time to hop on the bandwagon. Referred to as “Ah-boong” in Korean, SomiSomi specializes in this delicacy where you pick a soft-serve flavor, a filling to stuff in your taiyaki cone, and toppings. Customize it to your liking with their sweet selections.

Open Sunday-Thursday from 12pm-10:30pm, and Friday-Saturday from 12pm-11pm
© Holy Roly Ice Cream

Holy Roly Ice Cream

3450 W 6th St, Unit 109A, Los Angeles, CA  90020
(213) 674-7298

There’s just something about rolled ice cream that makes it 10x more delectable than it already is. Whether it’s the organic ingredients used for their ice cream bases or fresh toppings that are never frozen, Holy Roly knows how to roll up their sleeves and create a dessert unlike what you’re typically used to. Their selection of flavors includes French Toast, Coffee Oreo, Mango (Vegan), Matcha, and more.

Open from Sunday-Thursday from 1pm-11pm, and Friday-Saturday from 1pm-12am
© The Dolly Llama

The Dolly Llama

273 S Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90020
(213) 908-5353

The Dolly Llama has dominated the waffle and ice cream scene in Los Angeles, and you have to try it to understand the hype. While they do serve milkshakes and waffles by themselves, their bubble waffle cones filled with ice cream scoops are what really steal the show. Pick from their Signature Waffles, including Dolly’s Dream filled with Cookie Monster ice cream and topped with strawberries and brownies, or build your own.

Open from Monday-Thursday from 3pm-11pm, and Friday-Sunday from 12pm-12am
© Honeymee


3377 Wilshire Blvd Senior Librarian, Los Angeles, CA 90010
(213) 418-8317

Made with fresh California milk, Honeymee has some of the creamiest milk soft serve, topped with 100% pure honey and honeycomb. If honey is not the bee’s knees for you, opt for their other selections such as Dear Chocolate topped with Ghirardelli Chocolate Syrup or Dear Caramel topped with Ghiradelli Caramel Syrup. More in a sippy mood? They have a wide selection of milkshakes, from Strawberry to Cookies and Cream and Sea Salt Chocolate.

Open from Monday-Sunday from 12pm-12am




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