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Who Are The Best Female Dancers in K-pop? Top 5 Ranked

If you’re like me, a huge part of the excitement of watching K-pop music videos comes from watching the dances. I think being able to perfectly execute K-pop choreography is a really powerful skill when K-pop is such a visual genre. I especially look up to all the women in K-pop dominating the dance scene and gaining recognition for their skills. As such, I put together a list of the top 5 female dancers in K-pop right now, ranked by me. I truly believe these girls all have different strong points that make them each unique and worthy of the #1 spot, but since this is an ever-evolving list, I’ll attempt a ranked order!


Although Jeon Soyeon doesn’t really promote herself as a dancer as she’s more well-known for her talent in songwriting, producing, and her position as leader in (G)I-DLE, she consistently slays every routine, and her recent solo comeback is no exception.  After seeing her social media summertime dance challenge for “BEAM BEAM,” I had to add her to this list.  She pulls the chorus choreography off so cool and effortlessly, and possesses this stage presence that is crucial for any dancer.  I’m starting to believe there’s nothing Jeon Soyeon can’t do.

#4 The Chae Sisters

They shouldn’t be counted as one, but I wanted to fit both on the list so I couldn’t help it.  Chaeyeon (from IZ*ONE) and her sister Chaeryeong (from ITZY) are BOTH dancing queens! They’re both always able to maintain high energy while controlling sharp angles, so they can take on quite difficult choreography.  Their “Rain On Me” performance was so fun to watch because when they dance together they’re completely in-sync! 


It’s no surprise CHUNG HA is on this list because she actually has an impressive background in dance!  She graduated as a dance major from Sejong University, and while she was on Produce 101 and in I.O.I she even choreographed some pieces herself!  Now CHUNG HA is known for incorporating complicated choreography like lifts and spins in every comeback while still being able to keep the live vocals on point.   She’s basically super-human to be able to pull all of it off live, (and props to all her backup dancers for being able to keep up)!

#2 MOMO from TWICE

Momo’s dance background is also quite impressive: she’s been dancing since she was three years old!  Before making her debut as a member TWICE, her trainee days consisted of dancing and being featured in various other K-pop music videos.  As the main dancer of her group, she brings the TWICE choreography to life with her power and ability to portray emotion through the moves.


If you know anything about K-pop, you might’ve expected this placement. Lisa is well known as one of the best dancers in all of K-pop. She’s the youngest of BLACKPINK, but her reputation as a dance prodigy already landed her the position of dance mentor for aspiring idols on Chinese survival show Youth With You. Lisa’s always danced perfectly in every video and performance, but after BLACKPINK’s debut she started showing off more of her dance skills in performance short-films on her YouTube channel Lilifilm Official. Thanks to her stage presence, facials, and overall unrivaled execution of the choreography, these videos get millions of views every time. She hasn’t posted one in a few months, but it’s no secret that Lisa’s been busy working on her solo debut. If her solo is anything like her dance videos, I’m sure we’ll all be blown away by her talent.

What do you think? Would you rearrange any of these or maybe add someone else who’s been catching your eye?

Who’s the best female dancer in K-pop?




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