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Texas’ Most Famous Breakfast Tacos Arrives in Koreatown

Austin’s best (not-so) kept secret has arrived in Koreatown, and they’re coming in HOT. Sisters Reyna and Maritza Vazquez, the owners and founders of Veracruz All Natural in Austin, Texas, are introducing their famous Migas taco to Los Angeles with their first food truck in California at The LINE LA. Hot Tacos is a spin on the Veracruz All Natural name, but now built for a different city and pool of customers.

© Hot Tacos

So what is Veracruz All Natural and why is Hot Tacos going to be the next big thing in the Los Angeles taco scene? Known for their Migas breakfast tacos on flour tortillas, Veracruz All Natural, opened in 2008, is one of the most respected taco trucks in Texas and has transformed the landscape of Tex-Mex cooking. They’ve accomplished this by using the recipes they grew up with in Veracruz, Mexico, for their dishes.

Reyna and Maritza’s aspirations to own their own restaurant bloomed from a very young age as they grew up helping their mother cook and learn the ins and outs of the kitchen. It’s common for immigrant chefs to feel the need to change their food to fit in, but these sisters have not given into any pressure and are setting trends instead of following them.

© Facebook/Veracruz All Natural

After enjoying the fruits of their labor and hearing out customers from all around the country, Reyna and Maritza have finally decided to expand their business. Although their arrival in LA has been a little more low-key, if Hot Tacos becomes anything like its famous Austin sibling, it won’t be very long until they dominate the food truck scene here as well.

Now let’s get down to the food. While Hot Tacos has a less regional menu than their Austin locations, they’re still serving up all the goods, from their tacos to their quesadillas and aguas frescas.

© Hot Tacos

Typically, you wouldn’t think tortilla chips go in a taco, but with the Migas taco, it just makes sense. In addition to tortilla chips, this breakfast taco on a flour tortilla comes with egg, cilantro, tomato, red onion, carrot, black beans, and Monterey Jack Cheese. You can also add bacon for an extra $1.

Other popular menu items include Cochinita Pibil tacos with pork marinated in orange juice and achiote and a Grilled Steak quesadilla with marinated steak grilled on a plancha, a common flat-top griddle used in Spanish cooking that combines high-temperature searing with a small amount of smoking.

With a location at The LINE Hotel in Austin, it’s no wonder the Vazquez sisters chose The LINE LA in the heart of Koreatown to park their venture. Beat the crowds that’ll find them soon, and visit them Wednesday-Sunday from 9am-3pm.

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