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Top 4 Speakeasies in Koreatown LA

speak·eas·y: an illicit liquor store or nightclub during the Prohibition Era

While we are way past the Prohibition Era dating back to the 1920s, modern-day speakeasies have not fallen short giving guests the one-of-a-kind experience of being in a hidden bar or nightclub. From secret passwords, to hidden entrances, speakeasies have been making a comeback to Los Angeles, and Koreatown has a few of the best ones in town.

© Lock & Key

Lock & Key

239 S Vermont Ave Los Angeles, CA 90004
(213) 389-5625

If you are a frequent visitor of Koreatown or are into Los Angeles nightlife in general, you have probably heard of this speakeasy. It may not seem like much at first, but right behind a room full of doorknobs, you will enter a 1920s-inspired bar and lounge… that is if you find the way in. Come to the bar for their unique craft cocktails, including Wanderlust (Bourbon, Madeira, House Coconut Cream, Banana & Cacao Liqueur) and K-town Cooler (Vodka, Gold Kiwi, Yuzu, Ginger-Lemongrass). Stay inside to sit at the bar or take advantage of the dancefloor in their back patio.

Open Thursday-Saturday from 7pm-2am, and Sundays from 3pm-9pm.
© fandbar



We know what it sounds like having to go down a secret basement, but trust us when we say this is nothing like what you saw in Parasite. Fresh to the Koreatown scene, this speakeasy is serving a 14- course food & beverage experience all for a $100 suggested donation. What is unique about this spot is that the bar only seats 6 at a time for a 2-hour experience, so book as soon as you can! While they are booked until the end of August, we recommend checking back on their site regularly if you are eager to try. Address is provided upon booking.

© Vinny N.

R Bar

3331 W 8th St Los Angeles, CA 90005
(213) 387-7227

Although not so hidden, this female-owned establishment requires a rotating secret password for entry, which you could receive through email or find on their website. Not only do they have a full bar, but they also serve pub fare from an alternating menu prepared fresh and daily in house by their resident chef. Enjoy a laid back night out in this dark, casual scene with karaoke on select days and nights, as well as brunch on Sundays.

Open Wednesdays from 4pm-12am, Thursday-Satuday from 4pm-1:30am, and Sundays from 12pm-12am.
© Wonho Frank Lee

Breakroom 86

630 S Ardmore Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90010
(213) 368-3056

For all of you 80s lovers, follow the secret passageway inside The Line Hotel to one of Koreatown’s lively hidden gems. Once you enter this bar, you will find detailed design elements, from a vending machine in a high school hallway that has something up its sleeve for you, to a wall of cassette tapes. And what i\s an 80s-themed bar without karaoke? You have a choice from 2 packages for these private karaoke rooms, where you will have full access to a karaoke system, a retro Atari video game system with over 100 pre-programmed games, full cocktail and bottle service, and even a mini-fridge for cold beverage storage. Reserve a room now here.

Open Tuesday-Saturday from 9pm-2am.




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