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Open Market LA: Koreatown’s Local Neighborhood Market

Made for the community. By the community. Open Market LA is the friendly neighborhood corner store you want to see in every corner you come across. With the closing of Little Grace, which used to sit on Wilshire, the idea was to take all the passion and love that was once put into that space and channel it into Open Market. It’s safe to say that since its opening this past spring, it’s evident that this community-focused cafe and market has contributed to Koreatown’s ever-growing support for its local businesses.

Open Market offers a wide selection of LA-inspired sandwiches, locally roasted coffee, tea, and now the Omakase Berry, starting on December 8. Co-founder Brian Lee, who is Korean-American, told Los Angeles Magazine that they wanted to be a healthy part of the change that is constantly happening in Koreatown. Alongside his fiancée Yoonna McGill and chefs Andrew Marco and Ralph Hsiao, this market is bringing locally-sourced and organic ingredients to their food and market items, with Korean and Filipino fusions in the mix to name a few.

Some noteworthy sammies they serve daily on Clark Street Bread’s baguettes and buns include the OM Breakfast Sandwich, the Olympic, the Normandie, the Virgil, and more. Starting to sound familiar? Taking their names from some of Koreatown’s busiest streets and reflecting the cultures that pass through every day, trust us (or don’t) when we say you probably won’t find many comparable sandwiches in the area. Also, breakfast is served all day, which is a major green flag.

Pictured: OM Breakfast Sandwich with their house sausage patty, fried egg, arugula and pickled fennel, hamisa tomato jam, and paprika aioli
Pictured: Pico with thick-sliced glazed pork, caramelized onion, bread and butter pickle aioli, romaine lettuce, and atchara (pickled papaya)

Their coffee and tea selections include their Hokage Latte, Toot Toot Palmer, and a classic matcha. The Hokage Latte is espresso with milk, honey/maple sweetener, plus an orange peel for garnish. The Toot Toot Palmer is a mix of oolong tea and their house tarragon lemonade.

We think this is still one of Koreatown’s best hidden gems, but plan a visit soon as we feel like the crowds will start trickling in. With new vendors popping up every now and then and their fluctuating items, you never know what you might be walking into.

Open Market LA

3339 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90010
(213) 232-3851 Open Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm




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