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Meet Daniel Chae: Founder of LA Meet and Eat

Meet (and eat with) Daniel Chae, analytics manager by day, foodie by night. Originally from the Bay Area and currently residing in Los Angeles, Daniel’s passion for building community has remained the same. “Permutations of people excite me and remind me that anything is possible when a group of people set their minds to do something,” he says, hence the creation of Meet and Eat.

So what exactly is Meet and Eat? Meet and Eat serves as a growing platform that helps locals and those new to the city alike connect with each other through a shared passion: food. Typically a gathering of 5-12 people, attendees can eat at a discounted rate through a tasting menu while listening to the owner and/or chef of a local eatery share the story behind their food and establishment in an open, judgement-free environment.

The idea behind Meet and Eat was born in April of 2021 when Daniel drove back from a cafe in his neighborhood. With breakfast burrito and vanilla latte in hand, he thought to himself, “there’s got to be more than just enjoying great food and taking pictures of it,” and from that moment on, started thinking of what more people could do to enjoy good food and support local restaurants. Daniel states that while he is a single founder, he also has an incredible set of extra hands that help with various parts of Meet and Eat when they aren’t working their full-time jobs.

What Daniel values most about the foodie community in Los Angeles is how inclusive it is. “I’ve met so many incredible and memorable folks through Meet and Eat, and I often marvel at how so many different people could gather around something so simple as food,” he says. “I also enjoy that local restaurants often benefit from foodie adventures and the foodie community does its best to uphold their favorite local restaurants.”

Some, but not all, notable restaurants Daniel has hosted at include Honey’s Kettle, Saffron & Rose, and Tlayuda LA. The most recent Meet and Eat event was hosted at Wi KBBQ in Koreatown, and the night was especially meaningful because it is a mom and pop restaurant where the owners themselves serve you. Meet and Eat team member Meghan Li attended and reflected, “The restaurant was really generous with the portions and entertained the group of eight really well. The corn cheese and blow torch was a huge hit with the crowd. Overall the dining experience was intimate, high quality, and memorable!”

Meet and Eat aside, some of Daniel’s favorite Koreatown spots for food include Parks BBQ, Sun Ha Jung for its kimchi duck fried rice, Yuk Dae Jang for its yukaejang with kalguksu noodles, and Han Bat for its sullungtang.

Meet and Eat is not only a great way to try new restaurants, but also meet new people. Meet Daniel and others at future events. Check them out here.

Visit their website to get more information on Meet and Eat.




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