Meet Amina Odgerel: Koreatown’s Visual Artist

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Meet Amina Odgerel, Koreatown’s Finest Visual Artist.

This iconic digital drawing of Koreatown is drawn by Amina Odgerel. Coming all the way from Mongolia at a young age, Amina flourished in the States with her amazing talents in drawing. As a fellow Koreatown neighbor, we would love to continually share and support Amina’s artistic ventures.
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Check out some of her works. This long time, good friend of mine have recent works consisting of album cover designs for up-and-coming and well-known artists all around the world, including singers such as Ailee (K-pop R&B ballad singer) and Nicole Scherzinger (former leader of the infamous Pussycat Dolls). Surrounded by amazing, talented friends in Koreatown, Amina collaborates with her good buddies Troy Laureta, Abel Rodriguez, and Cheese Laureta.


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